Samsung Latest News: Instant Recall Decision Hits Hard, Delays Galaxy S8 Production; Offers 50% Discount in South Korea

The fiasco that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did leave a gaping scar on the South Korean. It was that big of a deal, apparently: the forgettable experience left Samsung with no choice but to stop the production of the Smartphone. But was it the right decision? Or did Samsung acted on impulse to try to stop the whole issue from catching fire big enough to rattle their cage?

As reported by Android Authority via a Wall Street Journal post, Samsung went in too fast in an attempt to restrain (and obviously clear their name) a rather fiery predicament. It pointed that the cause of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 was its defective battery ironically produced by Samsung SDI. As a result, Samsung made a hasty "assumption" that "protrusions" in the battery was the culprit.

In line with their instant hypothesis, Samsung went to give a green light and produced 2.5million Galaxy Note 7s as replacement units. This time, however, they opted to with a different battery supplier. Unfortunately, it got the same results: Samsung had no other recourse but to formally cease the Note 7.

One of Samsung's "Fatal Mistake", according to Wall Street Journal, was launching its own recall. It bypassed the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's "formal process" of investigation. Again, this out of the blue decision may have restricted the Commission in finding out the real cause of the problem - a waterloo that Samsung has failed to answer in the weeks that followed.

Engadget meanwhile reported that the recall will also have an effect on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It said that the production of the next flagship "has delayed work by two weeks", and it will take a toll on the device's potential launch date. Samsung will be part of the Mobile World Congress next year, and they are rumored to announce a new line of Galaxy S handhelds. Considering the current effects, it wouldn't be a surprise if Samsung will have to unveil the Galaxy S8 on a later date since they are "committed to finding the root cause" of the exploding battery.

The recall aftershock also tendered Samsung to "effectively offer" South Korea with a 50% discount on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8. To avail of the discount, Galaxy Note 7 users must upgrade to their devices to the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. This will also stop them from switching to other brands by offering a slot in their Galaxy Upgrade program.

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