Down Syndrome [UPDATES]: Offensive Quote No More? How A Music Remixer With Down Syndrome Turns An Insulting Quote Into A Positive Message

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald October 24, 09:43 pm

Down syndrome has become pervasive in today's world. For starters, it's a genetic disorder that is caused by an existing third copy of a person's chromosome-21 in which an individual experiences physical growth delays and mild to moderate cognitive disability.

Down syndrome is incurable, at least right now. However, if it's detected early on in childhood it's much easier to contain it and keep the effects at bay in order for children to live productively as adulthood dawns.

Children suffering from down syndrome can reap benefits from speech therapy as well as occupational therapy. These exercises can improve their motor skills by a huge margin if the problem is catered to in childhood.

Unfortunately, children with down syndrome are often stigmatized because of their disabilty. But thanks to a U.K.-based DJ, Casey Rochell, as he has put and used his mixing skills to correct the image of those with this learning disability. With the help of music, Rochell wants to turn the negative image of people who have down syndrome into a positive one.

According to The Mighty, Rochell did a remix on Joseph Fletcher's not-to-be-proud-of quote that said "There is no need to feel guilty about putting a Down syndrome child away. True guilt arises only from an offense against a person, and a Downs is not a person."

An estimate of around 1.7 million people in the U.K. and 6.5 million people in the United States have learning or intellectual disabilities. Rochell made the objective of his music to change how people perceive people having learning disorders.

Let's get something straight. Having an intellectual disability doesn't make anyone less of a person. And that's not saying out of sympathy. There are numerous cases of people with learning disabilities who have surpassed their preconceived societal limits and moved to lead productive and successful lives.

Rochell's music does the same thing; making people aware. One of his track was a result of the learning disability charity Mencap's "Here I am" campaign that featured a series of photos pertaining to people with learning disabilities.

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