Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Divorce: Julia Makes Solo Appearance On Red Carpet Amid Marriage Problems

By Liza Smith, Parent Herald October 25, 06:00 am

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder seem to have issues in their marriage. Questions are ablaze if Julia Roberts and Danny Moder getting a divorce. It is reported that the couple are not seen together in the recent weeks which further sparked the rumors. Julia Roberts also hit the red carpet alone and this solo appearance might be because there are problems that have sparked in their married life.

Julia was seen all by herself at the GLSEN Respect Awards in Los Angeles. Danny nowhere in sight. Is Danny keeping away from his Hollywood wife and is the couple separating? Are Julia and Danny filing for a divorce secretly?

We all know that Julia Roberts is the least media savvy personality. So, even if her wedding is on rocks, she will keep it to herself and would never admit it. She will be the last one to use personal life to generate public interest. Being quite outspoken, Julia will have no idea on how to deflect answers on the red carpet.

Instead of being manipulative, Julia tends to get snappy and rude. She has always been very defensive about her personal life, reported Celebdirtylaundry.

Julia Roberts has once been America's sweetheart. However, she has never been too cooperative towards the media and she has not even realized the importance of that. Instead, she has been blatantly rude and hence fans are not so willing to shell out money to buy tickets for her movies, reported Morning News USA.

It was rumored that Danny Moder was married to another woman named Vera when Julia allegedly began her relationship with him. Julia displayed how nasty she can be when she sported a t-shirt which read "A-low Vera," which was obviously directed at Danny's ex-wife. She painted an image of a home-wrecker in the minds of people and it is doubtful if she will gain any sympathy in case she gets a divorce from Danny.

Julia's life is slowing falling apart as her marriage and family life are in pieces. She has a lackluster career in Hollywood now.

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