How Much Should Stay-At-Home Moms Receive As Salary & Why They Prefer To Be The Homemaker

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald October 26, 06:00 am

If moms would only earn a salary for working hard every single day, their asking salary wouldn't be surprising at all. The figures? Just about $50,000 for being the head of the household management among other job titles suited for their non-stop, almost 24-hour work.

Per Today, research done by Redbook Magazine and Laura Vanderkam found out that most moms think their salary should be half a hundred thousand, given all the hard work they are doing for the family. The group consisted of 558 self-identified stay-at-home moms who chronicled their hourly work for the study.

To give a context, Bureau of Labor Statistics states that annual salary of $50,000 is received by US school administrators, event planners, tax examiners and revenue agents, as well as computer support analyst, among other job titles. However, it should be taken note that work hours for these job titles are up to eight hours a day, with no forced overtime work, unlike mothers who literally work from the moment they open their eyes until the time they retire at night.

The group was also asked why they chose just to stay at home and take care of the family, and most of them answered because they just wanted to--as simple as that. About 15 percent said that it's because daycare is expensive while the remaining cited their careers and partners as the significant influencers. The choice that mothers made is driven by their preference of sacrificing what they personally have, like careers, so that they can keep a close eye with their budding family.

Despite not having any salary at all, the majority of the mothers, 46 percent, noted that they are still very happy with their current setup. 10 percent is extremely happy while only two percent is not happy at all.

The group of stay-at-home moms was also classified into four categories: the worker (who does part-time work), the volunteer (who spends helping in a school or kid-related activity), the newbie (who has at least two kids) and the caretaker (who has at least one kid with special needs).

According to Time, 56 percent of the US mothers preferred to stay at home in 2015. The figure consisted of mothers with children under 18 years old.

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