US Presidential Election News: Personalities Supporting Republican Candidate Donald Trump

By Chuie, Parent Herald October 28, 08:30 am

The finish line is almost in sight for the nearing end of the US Presidential race and many notable personalities have already been coming out to show their support for the candidate they are voting for.

Like his competitor, the Republican Candidate Donald Trump, also has a handful of supporters coming from different industries such as sports, politics, and entertainment.

Here are some of Trump's supporters:

On the list is Clint Eastwood. Despite him saying before that Donald Trump has said a lot of dumb things, he is still voting for Trump because Clinton said she will be following Obama's footsteps.

Jon Voight is also voting for Trump, stating that he believes Donald Trump won't let them (Americans) down. The Christian Post wrote about the endorsement of the actor and Born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin who said that he will wholeheartedly support his former boss, Trump. Gary Busey said in September 2015 that Donald Trump would make a great President.

Actress Kirstie Alley, singer Azealia Banks, actor Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman all announced their endorsements to Donald Trump via Twitter.

On separate interviews other personalities such as actor Scott Biao, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Guidice, former Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon, Wayne Newton, Kid Rock, former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson, country music singer Loretta Lynn and Aaron Carter confirmed that their votes will be for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan, the former WWE wrestler has his own political ambitions and wants to be on Donald Trump's ticket as Vice President.

Trump also has his own politician backers; first on the list is his former rival Ted Cruz who endorsed him on Sept. 23, 2016. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also announced his support to Trump after he backed out of the presidential race. Ben Carson, also a former Republican rival is voting for Trump. And last but not the least, according to a report from CNN, politician Sarah Palin, endorsed Donald Trump in her speech in Ames Iowa.

Are you one of Donald Trump's supporters too?

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