'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 66, 67 Spoilers, Updates: Titles Revealed, Omni-King Zenos Intervenes

Things are getting more exciting for "Dragon Ball Super" as Son Goku and the Saiyans struggle to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black. The recent leak featuring the titles of "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 66 and 67 will surely spark more excitement for the anime series.

The titles of "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 66 and 67 was recently shared by Twitter user Herms98 who is known in sharing "Dragon Ball Super" leaks. According to him, the source is 2chan poster and these are not yet confirmed.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 is entitled “One Last, Great Comeback! Here’s Vegetto!” wherein Goku and Vegeta will have a fusion to match or overpower the fusion of Black Goku and Zamasu, The Stupro reported. The fusion of the two Saiyans will result into a powerful Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue.

But despite being powerful, teasers reveal that they would still find it hard to fight with the villains who have an immortal body. Teasers also add that they could borrow the green Potara earrings of the Kaisoshings who are living in the future.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 entitled “A Visit from the Omni-King! Bye-Bye, Zamasu!” will feature the arrival of Zen-chan in the future timeline. To recall, it was teased that the intensity of the battle between the Z-fighters and the nemeses will be higher that the Omni-King would need to come and intervene.

Son Goku became close friends with the Omni-King Zeno when he visited him before. They promised to see each other when the mission of Goku is done. Zen-chan will give Goku a device that he can use to communicate with the Omni King. According to reports, Goku will accidentally push the button of the said device which will summon the King.

Since the Omni-King can destroy anything instantly, like what Whis and Beerus said, it could be possible that the merged body of Zamasu and Black Goku will end in the hands of Zen-chan.

But fans need to take this with a grain of salt since this isn't confirmed yet. For the meantime, fans can watch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 64 which will air on Oct. 30, on Fuji TV.

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