‘The Winds Of Winter’ Release Date, News & Updates: George R.R. Martin Points Fingers? ‘TWOW’ Author Passes The Blame?

"The Winds Of Winter" ("TWOW") author of "A Song Of Ice And Fire" ("ASOIF") saga fame, George R.R. Martin likes passing the blame. Despite "ASOIF" and Game Of Thrones" borne popularity, "The Winds Of Winter" author has the habit of pointing fingers.

With the expected culminations of plots final "ASOIF" books, "The Winds Of Winter" and "A Dream Of Spring" George R.R. Martin will unfortunately do this again. No one highlights this fact better than George R.R. Martin himself.

In an earlier report by The Guardian, George R.R. Martin assured "ASOIF" and "Game Of Thrones" fans that no one is safe in his pages. George R.R. Martin will kill the most popular heroes and the most adorable of children if "ASOIF" direction demands this.

Citing an interview by Galaxy's Edge with George R.R. Martin, The Guardian reports that "The Winds Of Winter" author finds happy endings to be dishonest. George R.R. Martin points out that if only extras, rather than a hero and his friends, die in a tale of war or conflict then the story has cheated the readers.

"The Winds Of Winter" author prefers mimicking realism in his work. By now "ASOIF" fans have seen on the pages and in the "Game Of Thrones" tv series that George R.R. Martin has no hesitation over killing any character.

According to "The Winds Of Winter" author, honest writing requires the will to write what must be written. However, George R.R. Martin does not like taking the blame for his "ASOIF" kills.

"The Winds Of Winter" author has a little bit of a dishonest trick to deal with his honest writing. George R.R. Martin passes the blame and tells himself that the characters rather than the author made the kill.

Strange coping mechanisms by George R.R. Martin notwithstanding, "ASOIF" and "Game Of Thrones" fans should be prepared. Given what George R.R. Martin said about honest writing especially in themes of war, "Game Of Thrones" Season 7 and "The Winds Of Winter" will have major deaths by favorite characters.

While waiting, "ASOIF" fans should perhaps begin to look for which characters George R.R. Martin will blame once "The Winds Of Winter" is released. What was the most unexpected kill for you by George R.R. Martin in the "ASOIF" novels and the "Game Of Thrones" series?

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