Super-Parenting Vs. Autism: How Can Super-Parents Improve The Lives Of Children With Autism

By lovely carillo, Parent Herald October 30, 07:01 am

Parents always feel the pressure of ensuring their children become successful in life. The pressure is greater for parents who have children with autism because aside from coping with the various challenges of rearing children with autism, they also have to ensure their children grow up as normal as possible. But will super-parenting help them improve the condition of their children?

A report from The Sun cited studies indicating that severe autism can be prevented by as much as 27 percent when parents practice talk therapy. Although no treatment has been proven to cure autism, studies show that the manifestations of autism were notably reduced in autistic children with super parents.

Autism is characaterized by repetitive behavior, restrictive behavior and poor social skills. However, constant communication between parents and children could coax the autistic child out of their inhibitions.

Studies conducted by researchers from various universities showed a potential breakthrough in the treatment for autism. BBC reported how super parents can help improve their autistic child's condition just by communicating to them. The study talked about taking the normal interaction between parent and child to super-parenting level.

Super-parenting, however, is not an easy task as it requires training according to NHI. Instead of just focusing on children with autism, this parenting breakthrough tends to focus on training parents so they can easily recognize cues from their children. The key is not to pressure the autistic child to response but to encourage and coax the child to respond and communicate to the parents.

Parents of children with autism are already stressed enough according to the Autism Research Institute. However, the training has yielded positive results that many researchers believe it could lessen the stress on parents with autistic children. After all, investing a little time for communication training is of no consequence if it would bring back encouraging results when it comes to interacting with autistic children.

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