Halloween 2016: Ensure Children’s Trick-Or-Treating Safety With These Tips

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald October 31, 02:06 am

Trick-or-treating in Halloween can be worrisome for parents and it's totally understandable. Allowing children to go out at night and ask for candies from strangers can make parents fear for their kid's safety so they accompany them. Just in case, parents should still keep safety tips in mind during trick-or-treating with their children.

The possibility of children wandering off is ever present during trick-or-treating. To be safe, parents should attach an ID card with their contact information on kids' costume or on a lanyard that they can wear around their neck.

A fully charged phone is also important during trick-or-treating, according to International Business Times. Same as mapping the trick-or-treating route ahead of time. This way, parents would know how long their children can walk before tiring themselves out.

Supervising adults should pair the young trick-or-treaters with each other using the buddy system. It's easier to keep track of kids when they are looking out for a partner. Parents and adults should also advise children to be mindful of crosswalks.

As for the trick-or-treaters' costumes, it's highly important that parents would dress their kids up in safety and hassle-free clothing. Avoid costumes that are too long or are billowing because it can make the wearer and other trick-or-treaters trip or fall.

Masks that obstruct vision and colored contacts should be avoided as well. Face paint, on the other hand, is a safe choice as long as the kid is not allergic to it.

Children with costumes that come with props such as plastic swords should be reminded that it's not alright to hit other people with it. To further ensure safety, props should be made out of foam to avoid any real damage.

Parents and adults should also equip children with glow sticks and glow bracelets/necklaces in case they pass through dark streets. Reflective tape on costumes is advised too as a form of illumination. Supervising adults should carry a flashlight with fully functioning batteries.

Parents and adults should also make sure that the young trick-or-treater's loot or goodies need to be inspected at home first before they can eat them. This precaution is vital especially to those kids with dietary restrictions or allergies, or in the removal of any choking hazards from kids' goody bags. Nonetheless, medication should be on hand in case a child couldn't help to devour a candy bar early.

What other tips or tricks do you employ to ensure your kid's safety during Halloween trick-or-treating? Share your thoughts below.

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