Is Kim Kardashian Faking Pregnancy? From 'Skinny' To 20 Pounds Added In A Week

Rumors of Kim Kardashian faking her second pregnancy are non-stop. On Friday, Kim came clean that she secretly loves the gossips about her 'fake pregnancy.' In a tweet, she said that such speculations only mean that she looks skinny enough for a 20-week pregnant woman. This is far from her obnoxious reaction to the gossips when they started circulating in June.  

In a tweet spotted by People, Kim slammed her pregnancy truthers by revealing that she is five months pregnant and had actually gained 20 pounds into her second trimester. The 'fake pregnancy' rumor only goes to show that she is 'skinny' for a pregnant woman, she said. Indeed, Kim had actually gained weight that is "normal" for any expecting mother, health experts told the Daily News.

Kim's Twitter post also came with an admission that she secretly loved the rumors. She attached a photo of herself where she was wearing a body-tight gray dress, showing her 20-week baby bump.

Rumors might have stemmed from the fact that she was wearing a sheer and tight Roberto Cavalli dress in Met Gala in May but subsequently announced her pregnancy in June. She was also very open about having difficulty of conceiving in the months that led up to her pregnancy announcement.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue Spain, seen by Perez Hilton on Friday, Kim admitted that she hid her second pregnancy from the public during the first months. She said she intentionally sucked her stomach in to hide her baby bump at the Met Gala. She was already two months pregnant at the time she said. "The most difficult thing of this year was going to Met Gala because I was a little less than two months pregnant," Kim said.

"My dress was transparent so I tried to suck in my stomach on the red carpet. My husband and I came up with a way that I could only take photos from the front while I was holding my breath and when I turned I would let out my breath and stay very close to Kanye to hide," Kim told Vogue.

Doubts about her second pregnancy circulated since June. At the time, truthers were saying that she and husband Kanye had actually hired a surrogate mother and was actually planning to wear prosthetic belly, People reported. Unlike her admission today saying she is happy about the rumours, she was annoyed and angry then at those claims. Her tweets were decorated with expletives, slamming the false reports about surrogacy. Later in June, Kim posted via Instagram that they are having a baby boy due in December.

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