'The Flash' Movie Canceled? Film Loses Director, What Will Happen To DC Extended Universe Now?

It should not be a big dig if a grand project loses its director. Producers can just hire a replacement. The problem is in getting the right one. The right one is someone who could execute what the makers have in mind. However, the situation of "The Flash" is lingering.

Directors will have their fulfillment from work if they get to maximize their creative ideas while following the blueprint. If there are a lot of restrictions to suit commercial interests, just like with "Flash" then it will be a stressful venture for both.

DC Extended Universe's current problem with "Flash" director leaving them behind is not an isolated case. Warner Bros. often has to look for the urgent replacement because the director has walked out on them, according to Cinema Blend.

"The Flash" loses Seth Grahame-Smith before Rick Famuyiwa - which just happened. This is amidst pressures to finish off on deadline. As Patty Jenkin explains in the pre-production point of view, losing the director in the middle of shoots would be tough for the production crew of "The Flash."

He should know because it happens earlier with "Wonder Woman." It should work when Warner Bros. make it a point to hire a director who is selected based on flexibility. The ability to be open with creating a scene based on the blueprints originally created for "The Flash" and not what the director envisions.

Michelle MacLaren who abandoned "Wonder Woman" has the same problem with Rick Famuyiwa for "The Flash." Conflict on creativity looms. The director of both projects cannot incorporate the expertise they have into their own work.

Warner Bros. ultimately strives to make DC Extended Universe be a driven franchise by filmmakers - but there is evidence that they are doing otherwise. Edited, extended and cuts can be traced from previous films other that what the director has set for the film to be.

At the moment, "The Flash" is still intact and continues to garner good reviews from social media like the AV Club. Warner Brothers should be on the look out for the new director very soon. Who's that going to be?

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