Jimmy Kimmel Pranks 2-Year-Old Daughter During Halloween

By Johanna King, Parent Herald November 03, 11:01 am

When it comes to Jimmy Kimmel's pranks, nobody is safe. Not even emotionally fragile senior citizens or gullible little children. Even his own kids are not exempted from his pranks.

So, when the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" conducted his yearly post-Halloween prank on Tuesday night, where he would ask parents from all over the country to upload videos of themselves pranking their children that they ate all of their candy, he made his own video for the first time in six years.

The latest victim of his "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" YouTube challenge? His own two-year-old daughter Jane, who he notes that she was still at the age where basically "she says 'no' to everything."

"She was very excited about the candy, even though she doesn't know the difference between lollipops and popsicles," Kimmel said about Jane, who dressed up as a monkey for Halloween this year, according to AOLThe late-night talk show host then showed the short video of the prank.

"Remember all the candy we got? Well, Daddy ate all of it," Kimmel tells his daughter. "No! You didn't," Jane responded to him in a sulk.

Kimmel then showed her the empty pumpkin basket she used to put her candies in. Little Jane then has a hissy fit before proceeding to go on a "no" rampage, refusing to believe everything her father says.

"Are you going to contradict everything I say?" Kimmel asked her. "No!" she replied hilariously. Acknowledging how his prank on Jane backfired on him, Kimmel says after the video was played: "I'll try again next year!"

Besides Jane, there were other kids that were subjected to Kimmel's prank. Some kids threw the typical temper tantrums and rolled down on the floor in despair. However, one parent wasn't so lucky in executing the prank, as her son declares that he's seen it all before.

"It's Jimmy Kimmel. You're hiding the candy, I've seen this before. I've watched YouTube," the boy tells his mother, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch the clip of Kimmel's prank on daughter Jane below:

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