‘League Of Legends’ Board Game, Is It Just Another LoL?

By Pets Torrefranca, Parent Herald November 01, 09:21 pm

The "League of Legends" franchise added a board game into its name this October, with a price tag of $75. The game "Mechs and Minions" is a modular board system complete with an hourglass and dice with quest cards. Is Riot Games, creator of the franchise, ready to venture into this kind of marketing? Is it going to be a hit just like the video game?

"League Of Legends" is one of the biggest multiplayer games in the video game industry. The game reached its peak of 67 million players each month, 27 million per day, and 7.5 million players during peak hours based on a blog posted by Riot Games in 2014.

The game utilizes the "capture the flag" method wherein the player who's tagged as the "summoner" controls a "champion" equipped with unique abilities to conquer or battle with other players or teams. The main goal is the destruction of the opposing player or team's Nexus, a structure located at the center of the base and protected by different types of defensive structures.

The "League of Legends" popularity spread globally, Riot Games even created a global competition witnessed by 32 million viewers worldwide on its third season. The 2016 prize pool alone is one of the biggest in the history of E-sports at $5.07 million. The game's developer Riot Games currently has an estimated revenue of $1.6 billion with 85 million players, according to an article by Fortune Magazine.

"League of Legends" no doubt has become one of the pillars that make the video game industry successful. Creating a board game is not a question, but the $75 price tag is somewhat expensive. One of the most unlikely thing Riot Games could do is sell an overpriced board game to its loyal followers. Write your comments below.

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