Colorado High School Shooting 2016: Student Takes Own Life In Parking Lot, No Other Injuries Reported

Shots were fired at the parking lot of Grand Junction High School but authorities are saying that the incident was suicide. A student reportedly fired a self-inflicted gunshot wound to himself and no other student was injured in the ordeal.

The incident was reportedly the second suicide at Grand Junction High School and students as well as parents are processing the turn of events. The Grand Junction Fire Department was called to the scene and said in a statement that the shooting is being treated as an isolated event and that there is no active shooter in the area.

Initially, students were told to shelter in place. Later, officials allowed the students who have vehicles to leave the area. Those who do not have cars with them were ordered to be picked up by their parents. Around 1,800 students attend the Grand Junction High School.

Heavy reported that reports about hearing gun shots was made just after 3 P.M. on November 2, Officer Heidi Davidson with the Grand Junction Police Department said in a statement. Students believed at first that it was just an accident but teachers confirmed that a junior student shot himself.

The student has reportedly been identified by the authorities but his name is being withheld, New York Daily News reported. But many are disappointed with the second suicide at the Grand Junction High School, with a student said that the individual who shot himself had a lot of people loving him.

The student also expressed that nothing is being done with the suicide and she believes something should transpire as soon as possible. She noted that the first suicide was "swept under the rug" because they were not allowed to talk about it in school and the teachers were also not allowed to use the word suicide.

One of the parents said in an interview that they should listen to their kids, hug them and let them cry whether the student is a boy or a girl. The parent said that these kids are young and they need help so the school has to offer more regarding the matter.

The November 3 classes in Grand Junction High School were not postponed. But counselors, psychologists and student support personnel will be available to give support to students and staff members.

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