'Longmire' Season 6 Air Date & Spoilers: Netflix Confirms Walt And Vic To End Up Together

Fans of "Longmire" will be happy to know that "Longmire" Season 6 is happening. Netflix finally revealed the continuation of "Longmire" right after Season 5 started.  

For the upcoming "Longmire" Season 6, conclusion between the growing tension between Vic and Walt will still be explored. Although Vic is pregnant, however, IGN reported that Vic and Walt may finally realize that their feelings toward each is not just about being friends but they need to finally address the sexual tension between them.

At the premiere of "Longmire" Season 5, Vic finally kisses Walt since she has been waiting to do that for a very long time and as she revealed, she really wanted to kiss Walt Longmire before he dies. The tension between the two was not explored further down the scenes because they soon became busy in finding Donna and the mystery of who shot Walt, Screen Rant reported.

Donna and Walt finally broke up in Season 5 which could greatly explain the continuation of the story Walt and Vic in "Longmire" Season 6. Cady and Henry also played a great part in the success of "Longmire" and their characters have become richer.

While the success of "Longmire" Season 5 is seen by its reviews, there is no doubt that "Longmire" Season 6 will become an even bigger more success since it will be its last. Netflix has finally announced that the sixth season will finally close the story of the western crime drama made to life by A&E and saved by Netflix.

"We are grateful to Netflix for the opportunity to compose a closing chapter for these beloved characters that inspires lasting memories," executive producers Greer Shephard, Hunt Baldwin, and John Coveny said regarding "Longmire" Season 6. "Most importantly, we're committed to delivering a dynamic and satisfying conclusion to our fans that rewards their longtime loyalty."

Some fans may still find the end of "Longmire" Season 6 a very difficult pill to swallow but it will actually give way for the cast to end their show the way it should be. This could finally solve the greatest cliffhanger of the show and that is if Walt and Vic would finally be together.


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