Broken Family- Psychological Effects

By Charomaine Anne Manlapaz, Parent Herald November 07, 08:50 am

A child needs a place to call 'home' where one could find the security and attention he needs. It breaks one's heart to see his home crumbling into pieces. Instead of telling how he feels about it, he just holds it inside because he thinks that will just add up another problem if he shows it. According to OurEverydayLife, Parents should provide a solid parental support and other about to help their child. It's very necessary for a child to know that he is still wanted and loved.

We've already mentioned that a child can't express how he feels verbally. Having said that, however, he will just show it through their behavior. Dailymail UK also said in their article that children who came from a broken home are five times more likely to suffer mental issues. As kid spot conducted a research in Australia, they found out that children suffer from two kinds of trauma; the Short- Term and the Long- Term Impact. The first one is an impact wherein kids usually suffer from emotional struggles like anger, sadness resulting to isolation, and other social struggles. They also may perform poorly at school resulting to joblessness. These are typical struggles that a child undergoes on the parent's divorce or separation. One of the important thing about this impact is children shoulders the blame on themselves of their parent's separation so it's up to you if how will you assure them that they have nothing to do with your separation. In the second impact, split- ups give a long- lasting effect in children as they grow up. They commit themselves doing illegal things like drug- use and crimes. They also have the higher chances to have broken marriages as well. It is not the separation itself that causes the outcome but also the continuing parental dispute is a significant factor. The longer the conflict is, the more prolonged the turmoil in a child's life. They also found out that, regardless of the age, whether he is an adult or a young one, he will be affected. They will seek the acceptance and the attention they want for from their parents.

How could one address these? Parental support could be a significant factor in a child's development. Also, he also said that, if a child suffers from emotional struggles for two months, parents have to consult a counselor.
They need an adamant aid from this kind of event for them not to suffer. Dr. Justin, of kid spot, also said that the parents have to explain to their children as early as possible the reason for their separation. "Remember you will only be splitting up as a couple but not as their parents."

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