‘Empire’ Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers PREDICTIONS: Family Settlement Accounts To Explode? What Can Girl Power Do?

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald November 09, 07:28 pm

The "Empire" Season 3 promotion video might be too good to be true for Anika to stop working, only to be denied by the interpreter, Grace Gealey. Anika is on teasing viewers after the long absence of "Empire" but people who know her character would just think that she's on another opportunity and working on how to grab it!  

The Lyon family is on the verge of starting a new drama in "Empire" Season 3 Episode 5. It arises after the Andre-Nessa conflict. Jussie Smollett (Jamal) expresses her concern that when Hakeem finds out the truth, there won't be any good that will result to that. So, expect that there will be an explosion at "Empire" soon, according to The Siver Times.

The unfavorable circumstances brought the ladies of "Empire" Season 3 together and in one for believing Beyonce's popular songs that girls could run the world. How would this be possible? It should be interesting to find out since the girls at "Empire" are too hot to handle.

For one, Nessa (Sierra McClaine), saves Andre's life because she was able to stop Shyne (Xzibit) in "Empire" Season 3. She brilliantly convinced Shyne to forget his fatal plan and do a man-to-man talk instead with Lucious (Terrence Howard), and also with Andre.

Anika (Grace Byers) also is vital in pacifying Shyne. She bluffed Shyne into believing that Lucious just offered his imprint and no other bad intentions and backed by "Empire" Season 3 as witnessed by Freda Gatz, (Bre-Z), as his own artist. It clarifies suspicions and saved the day.

The "Empire" Season 3 episode as viewers look forward to in every show, is the appearance of  Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson), showing her talents. She has indeed all the capabilities to run the world in her own way as witnesses by TV patrons during the first two seasons of the "Empire.", said Master Herald.

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