Gal Gadot Announces 2nd Pregnancy! Halle Berry As Diana Prince’s Love Interest In ‘Wonder Woman 2?’

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald November 07, 04:20 am

Gal Gadot and husband Yaron Versano's family is getting bigger. The "Wonder Woman" star recently announced her second pregnancy via Instagram.

Gadot posted a mirror selfie of herself and Versano on Instagram yesterday. In the snapshot, the happy couple was seen joining hands to make a heart over the 31-year-old actress' belly.

Gadot and Versano's first child, daughter Alma, was born in 2011, People reported. The couple first met almost a decade ago at a party in the Israeli desert. They wed each other in 2008, according to Bustle.

"Wonder Woman" won't bow in theaters until 2017 but Gadot is already excited about how the Amazonian warrior would resonate in young girls. Not only does she want her own daughter to look up to Wonder Woman; the actress also wants the superheroine to be a role model for other little girls.

According to Gadot, boys always had Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and other male superheroes to idolize, while "girls have the princesses." Now, girls will have a headlining female hero in Wonder Woman, too.

Gadot's daughter is "very proud" of her mom's burgeoning popularity. The little girl would always tell her pals that her mother is Wonder Woman, Just Jared reported.

Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana Prince's love interest in the movie, will be portrayed by Chris Pine. Diana's romantic involvement with Trevor is canon with the film's comic book source material. "Wonder Woman" writer Greg Rucka, however, revealed that Diana is bisexual, a fact that opens plenty of doors for the character in future DC cinematic offerings.

In an interview with Israeli talk show "Good Night with Guy Pines," Gadot once again addressed Wonder Woman's sexuality and even revealed who she wants to portray the Amazonian's love interest. That's no other than former Catwoman portrayer Halle Berry, who Gadot described as "beautiful" and "gorgeous," as translated by Twitter user Roger Allen from Batman News.

Gadot previously said that Wonder Woman being bisexual "makes sense." She added that the character "can be bisexual" because "she loves people for their hearts" and "for who they are" -- not because of their sexual orientation, Screen Rant reported. Diana's queer nature, however, wasn't explored in "Wonder Woman" and whether the issue would have a different outcome in the film's potential sequel remains to be seen.

"Wonder Woman" is slated for a June 2, 2017 release date in the U.S. Should Diana be portrayed as bisexual in "Wonder Woman 2?" Is Halle Berry a good choice as her love interest? Share your thoughts and watch the film's new trailer below.

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