Pregnant Woman Interrupts Labor To Vote in US Elections

Most Americans woke up early today in anticipation of the historic 2016 elections. Millions of voters, no matter their status in life or political leanings, made their way to the polling areas to cast their votes and in effect take part in shaping the country's destiny. Even the working class rushed before the polls closed and the votes counted.

Whoever wins this election, whether it is Senator Hillary Clinton or business tycoon Donald Trump, he or she will definitely make history according to the Strait Times. A Clinton victory would make her the very first ever woman president of the United States while a Trumpo victory would make him the first president without any political experience.

Like most Americans, Sosha Adelstein and husband Max Brandel of Boulder, Colorado lined up to cast their ballots. However, they are not like most couples or voters because Adelstein was pregnant and about to give birth to their first child on the day of the election. Their plan to vote early on Friday was thwarted when she went into labor that morning.

 "We had planned to vote Friday morning, and obviously with her being in labor there was a question about whether we were going to go or not," Brandel told People. The couple were however confident that she would not be giving birth yet thanks to their investment in a labor class so they braved the contractions, exercised their right to vote and gave birth Saturday morning to a beautiful baby girl named Bella Rose.

The Washington Post reported that the couple were determined to cast their vote because they were determined to stop Trump from winning. Apparently, the couple does not approve of sexism or racism.

Their sacrifice however did not bear fruit because at the end of the day it was Trump who ruled the polls. Clinton has called on Trump to concede and the president-elect has delivered his winning speech.

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