'Duck Dynasty' Canceled: John Luke Being In Rehab Results To Cancellation Of The Show? [FIND OUT HERE]

The show "Duck Dynasty" has been doing well because of interesting lives of the cast. Recently, the rehab scandal of Willie Robertson's son, John Luke may even be a possibility of the show being canceled.

According to Radar Online, the "Duck Dynasty" star John Luke admitted in his memoir he once left Louisiana for recovery house filled with ex-convicts and drug addicts in San Francisco, California. Initially, he didn't want to check in the facility.

John Luke of "Duck Dynasty" explains that a new friend named Shawn offered for him to stay at his home during a trip to California to meet Preacher Francis Chan. He thought that it was a home where his new friend stayed but then turned out to be a recovery house. It seemed like being there at the recovery house was being like at the "Breaking Bad" episode.

One of his housemates was arrested for meth related deal which horribly went wrong. Other people who he was with were mostly gang members and killers or murderers, recounted the "Duck Dynasty" star.

After seeing the situation of his housemates, John Luke felt empathy and was compelled to pray for their safety. Shawn, his new friend wants for these convicts and ex-gang members to know God and experience acceptance. After all, checking in at this facility did the young "Duck Dynasty" star good.

The "Duck Dynasty" show according to History, the Robertsons are considered to be one of America's favorite families. Their home is in Louisiana bayou and producing top-line duck calls and decoys made from swamp wood as their business.

This recent revelation of "Duck Dynasty" may be considered scandalous as checking in at a rehab is oftentimes still considered a taboo. This may even cause the show's cancellation.

However, the rehab scandal did John Luke more good and has improved his life by being more concerned and sensitive to others needs. This recent "Duck Dynasty" development can be considered inspirational and may even bring in more viewers so the show most likely will continue and prosper.

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