Birth-Related Health Issues Suffered In Silence

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 13, 02:24 am

According to the study of Maternal Health and Maternal Morbidity in Ireland (MAMMI), two thousand six hundred mothers suffer from severe pain, sexual health problems, anxiety and depression, most of it unreported.Months after giving birth, mothers experience pelvic girdle pain, painful sex, leaked urine, anal inconsistency and abdominal wound infection for those who undergone a caesarean operation.

In a statement, Dr. Deirdre Daly said that lack of conversation between mothers and healthcare professionals serves as a factor causing women to suffer these birth-related health problems in silence and put up with problems that can be prevented from happening if treated on time as cited on The IrishTimes.

The principal investigator of Trinity College Dublin, Prof. Cecily Begley stated that during the first three months postpartum, women are not being asked by their healthcare professionals causing them to be unaware of the preventable or treatable health problems they can acquire after bearing a child.

As Prof. Cecily Begley also said that these challenges are neglected for the reason that 80% of mother fails to inquire about sexual health and 50% does not ask about depression and anxiety leaving them no clue about having such health concerns.

To solve these birth-related health problems on women, Dr. Deirdre Daly stated that healthcare professionals must find time to ask women about their health problems. They should get all this information out to women for them to be informed, and inform each other.

As cited in BabyCenter, stated in the article on the postpartum checkup, a doctor or a midwife must see a mother four to six weeks after giving birth to check about her physical and emotional recovery from pregnancy and delivery.

The director of labor and delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital, MD. Laura Riley reported that she would have a one-to-one talk about diet and exercise together with the mother during postpartum to maintain their physical fitness and health, as found in The Bump.

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