Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Now BFF; Pippa Middleton Left Behind, Duchess Chooses To Be With New BFF Than With Her Sister?

By Samantha Jane, Parent Herald November 14, 05:30 am

Pippa Middleton is a sister and a former BFF of Kate Middleton. She is spending more time with Meghan Markle than helping Pippa Middleton in her wedding.

There a rumor that the girlfriend of Prince Harry and the Duchess will visit Hollywood for a girls bonding. The designer of Pippa's wedding gown is Giles Deacon. She is a world renowned award winning designer. They were seen together with Carole Middleton.

Giles Deacon was seen holding two big bags while leaving the residence of Pippa and James according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. A perfect wedding dress is expected to be created.

Did Pippa use her royal connections to convince Giles? However, they did not see Kate Middleton in that house. It should be remembered that Giles was also the one who designed the wedding dress of Abbey Clancy's according to Hello Magazine.

Where did Kate Middleton hanging out? Is she with Meghan? A photo was captured that Meghan is holding two grocery bags in Prince Harry's Nottingham Cottage Home on the Kingston Palace estate.

 She is walking from whole foods up to the outside gates of Kensington Palace.  Meghan is a chef wannabe since she loves foods and cooking.

If you can recall in the television show "Suits", her character as Raches shows how much she loved food. She actually prepared a wonderful dinner for Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry.

2017 will be one of the biggest events in Pippa's Middleton life. However, Kate Middleton abandoned her in planning her wedding.  The duchess chose to be with Meghan Markle. While they are drinking a glass of wine, they are planning to visit Hollywood and meet Meghan's friends. The actress is supposed to meet Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Camilla Parke-Bowles and Prince Philip.

The Hollywood actress is planning to watch a football game with Prince Harry. It is a Rugby Union game of England against their opponent South Africa.


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