Political News: Immigrants’ Protests Against Trump; Massive Deportation Issue? Find Out Why Here!

Parent Herald November 14, 07:09 pm

The Presidential win of Donald Trump leads immigrants and their advocates to voice out their protest on Sunday. The protest in Manhattan was talking about Trump supporting deportation and other measures according to the organizers.

Demonstrators on Sunday carried signs in English and Spanish that mainly says hate won't make us great and chanted we are here to stay. Other protestors Sunday from across the country were expected to come from San Francisco, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Denver and many more. According to AP news, protesters gathered on Saturday in some of the biggest states like New York and Los Angeles together with small areas like Worcester, Massachusetts and Iowa City, Iowa. In Los Angeles, an expected 8,000 individuals walked Saturday to protest what they saw as Trump's abhor discourse about Muslims, promise to do massive deportation in the nation illicitly and giving out rough remarks about ladies.

More than 200 people were also carrying signs in Detroit, Minneapolis and other parts of the country carrying a sign. Protesters chanted telling Trump that he is not their president and that if there is no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA. Students of Vanderbilt University in Tennessee protested by singing civil right songs and temporary creating traffic by marching across the campus, blocking the street.

The demonstration went internationally as a group of Mexicans expressed their fear about a possible massive immigration. The protest took place at a statue of Mexico that represents their independence. The presidency of Donald Trump would add trouble that is already in existence in Mexico as described by a teacher in Mexico.

A man was shot and wounded in Portland Oregon during a confrontation on Saturday as they protest Trump's presidency. Two teenagers were arrested during that protest.

The protest that happened on Sunday was a continuation of the protest that started last Wednesday at Trump's star. Five people were arrested during the anti-Trump protest that time. Los Angeles police arrested five people during an anti-Trump protest early Sunday.

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