Kim Kardashian Too Risky To Get Pregnant Again, Meet Her Likely Surrogate On ‘KUWTK'

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald November 18, 04:50 am

In the new episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," a doctor explained to Kim Kardashian that retained placenta can be dangerous and she should not take a chance. Her mother Kris Jenner reminded her that she can bleed to death. Kim wanted to expand her family with husband Kanye West and expressed her desire to have her own baby if her body can take it.

The family asked for second opinion and learned that it is going to be a "high-risk pregnancy." Kim Kardashian complied to their expert opinions, that led her to look into surrogacy despite not really wanting to do that. Kardashian met Natalie, who had her twins via a surrogate, ET Online reported.

Kardashian always has a strong bond with kids and she fears that she won't be able to love all her children the same way. Natalie assured Kim that she does not have that problem because she wanted them so much. It did not matter how they were conceived.

Despite the hesitation, the "KUWTK" star has no choice. It might not be for her but what can she do if she can't? Things were hard for her until finding out that her friend, Chrissy Teigen who's married to John Legend loves to carry her baby.

The Sports Illustrated model narrated her experiences while pregnant with baby Luna and she is just into the process. For the sake of friendship and for the love of it, she would be delighted to be the surrogate of Kim Kardashian's baby. 

Due to her last two complicated pregnancies, Kim Kardashian really has to be real that she does not like being pregnant. In fact, she hated the whole process and cannot relate to her mom and Kourtney who enjoy their pregnancies. Well, since Teigen comes handy, it will be easier for her to decide to go for it or not, as per Huffington Post.

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