The Moment 'Deadpol' Star Ryan Reynolds Realized Blake Lively Was the One

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald November 20, 07:00 am

GQ has named the "Deadpool" star, Ryan Reynolds as one of the Men of the Year. He seems to have a perfect life with his lovely wife, Blake Lively. But just as when the shooting of "Deadpool" ended, he had a nervous breakdown. He was then diagnosed to have anxiety.  

It is not certain if it has something to do with his conflict with Tim Miller, the director of the recently concluded X-Men sequel. Fox lost Miller but he is replaced with David Leitch who was involved with "John Wick" movies. Perhaps "Deadpool 2" will not be stressful for Reynolds, anymore, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Reynolds is fortunate to go home to his wife, Lively. He spends quality time with the "Gossip Girl" icon with their two daughters. They are known to be candid about their intimate relationship. This has prompted Reynolds to tell GQ about how he knew she was the right one, according to E-Online.

He quipped that he was not after the sex. It happened in a tiny but empty Tribeca restaurant. The song plays that prompted him to ask her for the dance. Halfway through it, he felt that he was crossing the dating line then sent her home. It did cross his mind having a real American family - which he always knew he will.

He also shared his 10-year rift with his father although they were able to patch up things before he died. He learned to let go of somethings but always wanted to be like Wilford Brimley as a father.  Someone who gives advice to children and guides them. He is confident he can do that and also make it beautiful as they sit on his lap. 

Does Reynolds recall the name of the song that made him fall in love with his wife? He said he did but he is not telling anybody. 

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