Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ News & Updates: First Full-Length Trailer Brings Magic Back To Life; Faithful To Original 1991 Film?

By Megan Morrison , Parent Herald November 15, 10:50 am

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" official trailer reveals a series of scenes faithful to the 1991 animated feature - from scenes depicting the dark and dreary castle of the once-handsome prince, to Belle's first meeting with this Beastly royal, to all the magic swirling around and within the cursed walls, even Gaston's retro hair.

While several photos and hints have been released in recent weeks and the first ever teaser came out back in May, this two-minute preview of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" offers a closer and more in-depth look beyond just Belle, played by Emma Watson, and the Beast, played by Dan Stevens.

In Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," the castle's enchanted ensemble, with the likes of old favorites including Lumière, played by Ewan McGregor, Mrs. Potts, played by Emma Thompson, and Cogsworth, played by Ian McKellen, are all in on the action this time around. Also, a few more of the other characters, like the baddie everyone loves to hate, Gaston, played by Luke Evans, who even vows to "kill the beast" in one scene from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" trailer.

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" two-minute trailer is everything fans could have ever hoped for, bringing all the magic from the animated feature back to life. One that's missing from the Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" trailer would be Mrs. Potts singing, "Tale as old as time / Song as old as rhyme / Beauty and the Beast."

What about you? Are you excited for this live-action remake of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"? Do you any comments on the trailer itself? Share in the comments!

Watch the "tale as old as time" come to life in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" trailer below!


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