Apple Plans To Launch Their Own Line Of Digital Glasses

By Charity Marces, Parent Herald November 15, 09:20 am

Apple is said to be weighing an expansion into digital glasses and has already agreed with potential suppliers. Furthermore, there are also claims about the multinational technology company ordering small quantities of near-eye displays. It seems to suggest that Apple plans to launch their own line of digital glasses, based on the report of Bloomberg.

Some sources are claiming that Apple is currently working on a small-scale prototype and are exploring their envisioned concept. Considering Apple Inc.'s plans for product expansion into digital glasses, if the project headways, it could be a big hit in both digital and wearables market by 2018. Risky, yet potentially remunerative plot in the area of wearable computers.

CNET's report states that Apple's concept is to connect the digital glasses wirelessly to the user's iPhone, then display the images and other information on the lens, and may use augmented reality. The people familiar with the matter are requested that they remain unidentified divulging about Apple's secret project.

Could it be the amid declining sales of the iPhone, which generates two-thirds of Apple's revenue probable reason of Apple's undisclosed exploratory project? It has been a long hearsay that the chief executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook is under pressure to deliver new products. And Apple's plans to launch their own line of digital glasses could be their solution.

With the augmented reality capabilities engineered on wearables, it is no surprise that Apple will take a similar step that Google did with their smart glass in 2013. Having that the functionality may resemble Google Glass, what could Apple's digital glass mark as the design key differentiator from Google Glass?

Google had faced the same privacy and safety issues that Apple is currently undergoing. And as far as rumors can get, no one can assume how the company can surmount the obstacles in the midst of competition.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook have been open to the idea of using augmented reality in a number of projects over the last few months. He has also given a hint that they are working on a number of schemes.


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