WHO Pregnancy Guidelines: How Many Times Should A Pregnant Woman Visit The Doctor?

Pregnancy is a tough call for women, which is why they have to make extra precautions in order for their health not to be jeopardized while they are at it. In lieu of that statement, the World Health Organization has some new guidelines regarding pregnant women advising them to visit their doctors more than the usual.

In an article published by Star2.com, the W.H.O. is recommending expecting mothers pay a visit with their doctors at least eight times before they give birth. If you are one of those mothers who would only visit their doctor twice during their pregnancy, it is best to add more visits to that because it lowers the risk of prenatal death.

Statistics show that stillbirths are reduced up to 8 deaths whenever 1,000 babies are born. Never neglect this recommendation of the W.H.O. because it is serious enough that it involved over 303,000 women who succumbed to pregnancy and other related issues attached to it. This only means that the unborn child inside of them is not the only issue but the pregnancy women themselves are at risk.

The website What To Expect gives pregnant women an idea on the number of visits they must have with their doctor. During the first trimester, it is highly recommended that they go there every month and even more than that if they are experiencing something weird in their body. Pregnancy experts are not exactly encouraging women to be paranoid about pregnancy but rather they just want to make sure that they are well taken care of.

It is never easy to carry a child for nine months and expect to bring that baby out into this world healthily. There could be underlying issues during those nine months and only if a pregnant woman visits the doctor regularly could it be determined.

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