‘Suits’ Season 6 Spoilers & Cast News: Meghan Markle Leaves USA Legal Drama After Confirming Relationship With Prince Harry?

"Suits" Season 6 may once again see the departure of another major character following the exit of Gina Torres' Jessica from Pearson Specter Litt. As the British palace confirmed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship, the actress announced that she will be taking a break from the USA legal drama. Is it time to say goodbye to Rachel Zane?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Suits" Season 6 cast news reveals that Meghan Markle may soon be leaving the USA legal series as Rachel Zane. This comes in the wake of the British palace's confirmation that Markle was dating Prince Harry.

According to MailOnline, Markle announced that she would be taking some time off from filming "Suits" Season 6. Reports claimed that the actress decided to take a break because she has been receiving criticisms from the public after Prince Harry confirmed that he was dating Markle.

Prince Harry expressed that he was worried about the safety of Markle because of the "wave of abuse and harassment" she experienced after the dating rumors broke the Internet. This made a lot of viewers wonder whether Markle would leave "Suits" Season 6 for good.

It can be recalled that "Suits" Season 6 midseason finale saw the departure of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). While all of the series regulars have confirmed their return to the show for Season 7, there is still a chance that things can change.

"Suits" Season 6B will be returning to USA Network on Jan. 25 and will see the aftermath of Jessica's departure from Pearson Specter Litt, reports Deadline. Markle plays the role of Rachel, who is the fiancé of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams).

There are speculations that Rachel and Mike will be getting married in the second half of "Suits" Season 6. Markle's decision to leave the show may change quite a few things in the plot.

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