‘New Girl’ Season 6 Cancellation: Will Fox’s Sitcom Survive Despite Low Ratings? New Episode Airs After Weeks Of Hiatus

"New Girl" Season 6 might not be the last after all for the Fox's sitcom. The show's low ratings have sent signals of a probably cancellation.

When "New Girl" Season 6 did not air new episodes for a few weeks, many fans have started to worry that the show might be cancelled. This is supported by the show's rating, which only averages at 1.0 among adults 18-49 in the current season.

But "New Girl" is a likely renewal, according to TV By The Numbers By zap2it.com, despite its rating making the competition really tight with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "The Last Man on Earth." The two shows don't have good numbers either, though.

What can make "New Girl" Season 7 a sure thing would be Fox's on-air syndication deal and streaming contract with Netflix. Those agreements are reportedly giving the network seven figures per episodes, that's why they can sustain "New Girl" even if its ratings are just marginal. Fans can expect the sitcom to be renewed for its seventh seas

"New Girl" Season 6 just aired is its Episode 6 tonight. Titled "Ready," the new episode featured Jess being ready to date again. Schmidt encouraged her to give it a try with Robby (played by guest star Nelson Franklin). But it looked like she's only ready to date again in theory.

Meanwhile, Nick found himself having a hard time understanding the concept of male beauty in the latest episode of "New Girl" Season 6. This happened when Cece hired a new bartender who's hunky and good-looking model named Donovan (played by Trent Garrett).

And while Winston felt some high degree of confidence with his attractiveness, Schmidt tried to deal with the opposite. Schmidt was having an issue with his body in recent "New Girl" episodes, triggered by his scarf not fitting well with him the way it used before. So he decided to hit the gym.

On one hand, there were just a couple of women approaching Winston in "New Girl" Season 6 Episode 6, shooting his confidence sky-high. Nick, being a good friend, tried to pull him back to the ground by reminding him of some embarrassing experience he had, including falling down a duck pond.

"New Girl" Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.

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