Why Homeschooling Is Now An In-Demand Education Alternative

Public schools may have been considered as one of the greatest discoveries by mankind for its ability to form and reform humanity. However, that is no longer true today considering that parents are looking into homeschooling for their children due to the perceived dangers in many public schools in the United States.

Parents all over the world now see the advantages and practicality of homeschooling compared to the traditional schools. There are many reasons why parents prefer homeschooling and the unsafe environment in schools us just one of them.

Some have become so dismayed with the options available for traditional education that they are now willing to try the alternative. Others believe that the established structures in schools are not helping their children progress while others simply want to do away with the religious beliefs imposed by the educational institutions.

Parents reported the beginning of the homeschooling movement as part of the proposed educational reforms sometime in the 1970s. Data from the National Home Education Research Institute revealed that the number of homeschooled children in the US has increased by up to 15 percent every year. The legality of homeschooling in the US has encouraged the movement with over two million homeschooled children today.

Responsible Homeschooling said it is not easy to determine how many children are actually homeschooling. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), however, releases an estimated figure on homeschooling every four years and this is considered more accurate since it gets data from the National Household Education Survey (NHES).

Homeschooling, however, has its setbacks, according to New American and on top of the list is the lack of opportunity for the children to socialize. Some children need specialized training and parents are not just equipped with the training to provide this through homeschooling.

Homeschooling can work for very young children who are better off staying at home considering some factors like location of the school and the special needs of the child. For older children, that remains to be seen.

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