Conquering Dyslexia: A Success Story

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 18, 12:09 am

These are the times wherein the significant role of a parent kicks in - refusing to accept such bleak diagnosis from her child's teachers, she brought her child to professionals and consulted for a second opinion, a third opinion to confirmed it with hard evidence that the child has dyslexia.

 If it were not for the mother's efforts, it would have never been made known to the child that he had dyslexia and it wouldn't have been conquered through experts' help. There is an important role of a parent, being able to provide the right needs for a child's growth and development.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, education is the most important attribute of a person; it attracts employment, not just in Australia, but all over the world. High educational attainment is required to land a job, especially in Australia given the fact that about 70 percent of the jobs created are between 2005 and 2010 were in high-skilled and professional occupations.

The number of low-skilled jobs inched up by just 2 percent during the same period as cited on Headlines News. This makes education a very critical aspect for the future, which brings us back to kids who are suffering this disorder, most of those kids are not given an opportunity or a chance to land a job because they weren't able to finish their education and if only they had the same parent as of this boy, a mom who refuses to accept bleak conclusions regarding her child's case, a mom that utilizes every resources she has just for her son to conquer this disorder and have a healthy and fruitful life.

If only the kids that are suffering dyslexia has that kind of support behind their back, and this is not hard given the fact, despite the gloomy economic news of the day, Australia is one of the most wealthiest societies the world has ever known. The option is open for the residents to ensure that every Australian child receives a broad, attentive and a high-quality education, which makes us safe to assume, that it all depends on a parent with a child that has dyslexia, to be more attentive and supportive with her son's needs.

Also, that educational under-performance can also reflect on socioeconomic disadvantage, a socio-economically disadvantaged child is five times more likely to be a little performer in school than an advantaged child, but this aspect is very general and requires extensive evaluation since it is considered as a topic related to inequality. Parents should focus on the child's early days of education, evaluate the child's high points and his or her lapses, be the concern, support and make an effort to do everything they can in their power to help the child conquer his or her problems in the matters of education.

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