Obamacare To Be Replaced By Trumpcare

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 21, 09:04 pm

Citizens of America are not required to grab their insurances, but taxes are imposed on the uninsured people. The range of penalty given is greater of $695 which is approximately equivalent to the 2.5 percent of household income.

According to The New York Times, President-elect, Donald Trump, has sensed to find a plan to retain the ban on pre-existing conditions. But demands insurers to accept all those who would apply for insurance, which means that the insurer needs to find a way to cajole people to buy and keep their insurances before developing expensive medical conditions. Children are also allowed to be covered under their parents' plan until the mid-20s.

But looking at the reasonable proposal for the replacement, it turns out that it could be the "individual mandate" in disguise. Health policy revealed that the individual mandate was an authentic idea from the Republican, and was supported by academics and conservative thinkers as the form of deflecting single-payer system in the government. Mark Pauly, a University of Pennsylvania economist, in a 2011 interview said that the purpose of it was to round up the stragglers who wouldn't be brought in by subsidies as cited on Los Angeles Times.

Sara Rosenbaum, a professor of health law and policy at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., said that for the hope to get Republicans on board was the reason why the drafters of Obamacare integrated the individual mandate concept.

The Republicans admit that some means of motivation is a must to stabilize the insurance market in any condition and systems they would propose as an alternative health law. A policy paper was released last summer; House Speaker, Paul Ryan, proposed on creating a one-time open enrollment period which people could sign up for insurance coverage no matter the status of their health. As long as they stay registered in coverage in the individual or group market, they wouldn't be paying high bills if they get ill. If they didn't sign up during the enrollment period, they would be charged higher rates because those protections won't apply and would cost them more if they were to buy insurance.But analysts from the health policy said that one to a three-month duration of a one-time open enrollment wouldn't be enough.

Another option to encourage people to sign up for insurance is to impose penalties on premiums if they don't sign up at the designated time.

But Trump hasn't talked much about his plan to replace Obamacare with his new health program which may broaden the coverage of subsidies or other financial assistance which is the 'Trumpcare.'

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