The Thougths Of A College Student With Autism Is Shared See More Details Here

New York Times encourage students to share their stories to identify and assess the student's experiences for the improvement of their college experiences and better outcomes for students who have autism. Questions were asked about the background information of the participant. Anyone from their family members or the member itself which received the diagnosis of autism disorder and if they attended college. A form was given to be filled by the participants wherein their entries might be picked to be featured on The Time's website.

Writing an essay with a maximum of 150 words about the participant's experiences regardless whether the story they'll share was a negative or a positive experience as long as it will contribute to the improvement of their classmates, professors, administrators and basically, everyone to understand more about autism and to the enhancement of their college experience as cited in The New York Times.

 Suggestions and other contributing stories that are beneficial for the project is also acceptable and is encouraged. The essay follows four categories to be selected that best describes the participant. It includes the participant as a current college student, graduated from college, went to college but didn't finish, and the family member of someone who is either in college now or went to college according to Florida State University. The name, college or university is attended, and the email is then submitted. Upon submission of the information for the project, terms of service will be agreed. The content of the story must be original and was not plagiarized from anyone or infringement of copyright.

 The information must not also violate anyone's right, and since it is voluntary, assurance of confidentiality might not be protected. The story, on the other hand, will surely benefit everyone involved with autism to be inspired and motivated to continue pursuing the college degree.

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