Instagram Becomes ‘Less Fun And Scary,’ Chloe Lattanzi Says In Her Recent Online Outburst; The Singer Battled Anorexia

By Dustin Lee, Parent Herald November 23, 08:57 am

Aspiring singer Chloe Lattanzi, daughter of "Grease" star Olivia Newton-John, posted an online rant to defend herself against those who criticize the images she posts on Instagram. The singer reportedly suffered from anorexia which may be the reason behind her slim figure.

Apparently, Lattanzi was accused by critics that she uses photoshop to make her body look perfect on social media. She seemed to be affected by several hate comments so to prove that her body is real, she shared a video of herself dancing.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Lattanzi also posted an Instagram and Facebook rant to hit back at her haters but the singer also deleted the post. In a screenshot from Kidspot, Lattanzi addressed her followers as "weirdos" and asked for people to stop dropping comments if they don't know her.

What's interesting in Lattanzi's statement is her claim that random people taking out their own problems on her make Instagram "less fun and scary." She also continued to express that it is also painful to see people call her dumb even if she knows it in herself that she is not.

Reports claimed that Lattanzi suffered from a mental health condition which may have intensified her feelings about her social media critics. The singer apparently suffered from anorexia, an eating disorder manifested by excessive weight loss, which she has already overcome.

Individuals suffering from anorexia tend to starve themselves due to an intense fear of weight gain. It is a health problem that poses risk for serious medical consequences as it denies the body of enough nutrients that it needs to function normally.

Treatments for anorexia include psychological counseling and careful attention to nutritional and medical needs. Those who feel that they might be suffering from the condition are advised to pay a visit to the doctor for further examination.

Do you think that Lattanzi's past battles with anorexia affected how she accepted her online critics? Tell us what you think in our comments section below.

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