Melania And Barron To Stay At Trump Tower More Details Here

Accepting the autism issue, whether true or not won't be easy for Trump's family. Even so, Trump, being very and particularly vocal on autism and its vaccinations during his campaign had made the public perceived it as if it is Trump's situation.

Donald Trump firmly believes that autism is the effect of childhood vaccinations. After one of the elections night, Barron seemed to appear being ill which made the public think that he has autism. Barron's uneasiness with the crowd, in which the reporters have pictured it as autism. The Trump family is trying to keep Barron away from the dangers of the media and the political world according to an article on Aussie Network News.

According to a report in Breitbart, a source from Trump's side was interviewed. Jason Miller, Trump's communications director for the transition team, said that there's yet to release a formal statement. Miller stated that the idea of making Barron pull out from school in the middle of a school year is such insensitive. Melania's bond with her son is pretty much secure. Thinking that the campaign and the spotlight that's directed to her son have already been difficult for Barron, she wishes to keep the issue's focus away from Barron. As needed, Melania might have to travel to the White House. Another source said that at the end of the school year, there's a potentiality that Barron and Melania will have to move from Manhattan to the White House. As a result of their decision, there will be an increase of security around their home - that includes the participation of both Secret Service and the NYPD. Secret Service agents and all hired security companies will hover and continue to linger around the home - Manhattan Trump Tower area and Barron's school to ensure their safety. Trump's side more likely suggests that the reason of Melania and her son staying at the Trump Tower is Barron's education.

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