‘Teen Mom OG’ Updates & Rumors: Farrah Abraham Still Feuding With Her Mom And Co-Stars

By Liza Smith, Parent Herald November 24, 09:50 am

"Teen Mom OG" has come up with more rumors involving Farrah Abraham. This time around it was rumored that Farrah is still in a tiff with her mom and co-stars. It does not seem that she is hiding this fact. She is taking the anger out on everything around her including the plants. "Teen Mom OG" rumors suggest that Farrah is acting even more out of control than ever before.

The fight that happened now involved trivial aspects like where to place a tree in the backyard. Farrah threw up a tantrum and it ended up Farrah tossing the tree in her mother's face. "Teen Mom OG" did not see the end of this fight after that.

They continued to fight at the nail salon while they were getting pedicures. This is because Debra wanted to make a pit stop at her house, but wouldn't tell Farrah why. Farrah threw another tantrum and accused her mother of wanting to spend more time with her boyfriend than with her daughter. She even questioned her mother's life choices. As "Teen Mom OG" moved ahead, Debra was seen crying that she was "tired of being unloved" and wished she'd had a better relationship with her daughter, reported Inquisitr.

 "Teen Mom OG" rumors also revealed that it is not just her mom that Farrah has a problem with. Recently, it was announced that there will be a "Teen Mom OG"-themed cruise, featuring most of the stars of the show. However, neither Farrah nor her co-star, Jenelle Evans, will be a part of this, reported Hollywood Life.

Farrah commented on this also and said that the other moms of "Teen Mom OG" will be spending their time on the cruise "playing beer pong with their pedophile boyfriends." She, of course, referred to Amber's boyfriend Matt Baier.

Farrah is also accused by "Teen Mom OG" rumors that she is not a good mother based on how she treats her daughter. She's over-working her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, at the boutique she opened in her honor.

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