Kanye West Admitted To Hospital, San Pablo Tour Called Off; Rapper Hospitalized For Health Problem Or Bizarre Behavior?

By Samantha Jane, Parent Herald November 25, 03:56 am

Hollywood rapper Kayne West was under observation after he was brought in in Los Angeles area hospital last Monday. His remaining tour was canceled due to his admission to the hospital.

His admission happened after a bizarre incident when he retroactively endorsed President-elect Donald Trump. He ranted about his fellow musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce as well as Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg. 

It was reported that Los Angeles police responded to a medical welfare call about 1:20pm according to NBC News. Kanye West is not involved in any criminal activity but rather sources claimed that he was admitted to the hospital for his own safety and health.

The concert promoter of Kanye West announced that Saint Pablo Tour is canceled. The promoter Live Nation did not specify the reason for calling off the tour but presumed that it is because of the hospitalization of Kanye West.

He tweeted on his official Twitter account that he would have voted for Trump.  He made an announcement at a concert in San Jose, California that he failed to vote in 2016 Presidential election but if he has the chance to vote he will go for Trump. 

The rapper is at UCLA Medical Center to treat his exhaustion according to CNN.  However, his wife Kim Kardashian is in New York for a charity event. The event is to give honor to the late father of Kim Kardashian. 

When the incident happened to the rapper came to her knowledge, she immediately flew back to Los Angeles after learning what happened to her husband.  There are speculations that the cancellation of Kanye West's tour is because of his bizarre behavior.  In the statement of Kanye West in San Jose, California he wanted black people to stop talking about racism. However, in his concert in Sacramento, California he only performed two songs and talked about his political views. 

The mother in law of Kanye West talked about his condition and said that the rapper is just exhausted and tired. He needs rest after a grueling tour. E! News reported that Kanye West will remain in the hospital during the Thanksgiving holiday and Kim Kardashian will just be by his side until he feels better.


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