Children’s Health At Risk

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 25, 12:14 am

Different environment pollutions makes the health of the children at risk. We have air pollution which is stated in the article that its impact was not just on respiratory conditions but heart disease and diabetes. Professor Holgate worked on British research which recently linked 40,000 deaths a year to outdoor air pollution. He said children are particularly vulnerable. Vulnerable because children don't have any idea at all that the air they breathe has toxic chemicals that are not good for them.

People especially children can't see and smell it. This kind of pollution is so scary and dangerous since it is mostly caused by diesel and petrol fumes from cars and trucks that have toxic chemicals mixed invisibly in the air.

As cited on Yahoo News, Professor Holgate said, "Negative impacts begin when a human is conceived and are at their most virulent until the age of 18." So this means that there are also other ways of air pollution like burning of plastics rapidly done by humans in the society. He also shared that, "The evidence is unyielding about the impact on the risk of developing allergy and asthma, but the effects are much wider than we thought. "You don't want to expose the next generation to chemicals that affect not just the lungs but things like brain development and the pancreas."

The effects of traffic congestion are wider than we think saying that society is not so into this problem since the automotive vehicle is one of the top need in our everyday lives. So let's say automotive is one of our top need these days, we should take the responsibility to maintain its cleanliness on its engine especially we know that it has a possible adverse impact. This responsibility is pretty simple, and it would also give us an assurance that the air isn't that polluted. There are always other ways to lessen this problem, and one example is do carpooling with your friends/family or choose a different transportation as cited on Reddit.

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