Lasting Legacy Of Corona Beer Founder To Residents Of His Native Spanish Village Is Not About Money

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald November 27, 06:33 am

Lucia Alaejos from the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia said in Spanish that someone may have misinterpreted the news. The Corona beer tycoon did not leave 2 M pounds each to his native villages contrary to some reports that escalated over time despite not having children.

He belongs to a family of 13 siblings and he has given his inheritance to his extended family. His fortune is estimated to be enough giving at least £ 2 m to each villager - but that's not the case.  He paid for the church restoration and provide a running water facility to every home in that town. He also funded the resurfacing of roads and built the village's cultural center, says  The Local

The misinterpretation may have rooted from Maximino Sanchez's comment during an interview, who is the bar owner that sells Grupo Modelo beers saying that he would not know but he could have done without Antonino because they used to have no money.It is estimated that the Corona beer founder's fortune is enough to give £2million cash inheritance to each villager.

In 1949, the couple was invited by the uncle of  his wife who owned Grupo Modelo to relocate to Mexico. , Fernández started to work as a warehouse employee. He worked his way up and in 1971 he became its CEO and one of the key persons who made Corona as Mexico's most popular beer that is also a sought-after imported brand in many countries including in Spain where he is from under the Coronita brand initially.

He was succeeded by his nephew Carlos Fernández González as CEO but got the Honorary Life Chairman of Grupo Modelo until his passing away. Corona Extra is currently the second most imported beer in the United States, with annual revenues of $693 m or £556 m, according to Daily Mail.

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