Discrimination To Children With Autism

"This Teacher Reduced An Autistic Child To Tears Because Of Ignorance And A Lack Of Compassion." Caleb cried because the teacher grabbed the microphone which is he was about to speak something during a Thanksgiving play. Each of them had a costume and had to say something about Thanksgiving.

The teacher underrates the student by taking away the microphone knowing this kid Caleb has to say something. Caleb an autistic 6-year-old experience a hard time because he didn't get the chance to speak during their Thanksgiving performance. Some adults are cruel towards to those people who had this Autism Disorder. According to The Atlantic, education is also to blame because of the efficiency in understanding about autism. Most of the people ignore children with autism who make us feel appalling because they are the ones who need our attention and understanding towards their feeling and behavior.

The action of the teacher sets as a bad behavior towards the autistic children because they might adopt it when they grow up. The woman having this kind of personality isn't hard to understand, but the problem is it brings disaster to innocent students because they will carry the memories of you as the teacher for not showing kindness or even care for the students. We people need to understand and respect those people whose struggling for handling the Autism Spectrum Disorder. This kind of disorder started last decade. Having a photo with an autism person doesn't make a good publicity cause we cannot determine to be an autism by its look what we need to do is to treat them on a policy level that says us more as a society rather than being patriotism which makes it unfair to those who have ASD" as cited on the Fox5ny.

The teacher's lack of concern for the sufferings of Caleb, she is not then entitled to the care and needs of other students who had this disorder, we should realize that we are better than this and we must be.

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