‘Empire’ News: The Musical Drama Needs A Boost From Taylor Swift For Season 4 To Push Through?

By Sophie Lawrence, Parent Herald November 25, 10:43 am

The musical drama, "Empire" which stars Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson is yet to air its finale episode for Season 3 yet people are already speculating about Season 4. With reports that the ratings for this Fox series have slightly declined compared to the first two seasons, followers of the show are worried that Season 4 may never happen. Yet the latest buzz saying that Taylor Swift will be a big part of the next season may just confirm that "Empire" will indeed be back.

Since "Empire" has been graced by big time performers such as Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, and Mariah Carey, many feel it is high time for the "Blank Space" singer to be part of the show as published in Screener. Taylor Swift who is a certified fan of the show is no stranger to hip-hop music as well as she has done successful collaborations with rapper, Kanye West.

The article likewise said that the series is in dire need of girl power for now with the exit of Rhonda (played by Kaitlin Doubleday) and Freda (played by Bre-z) who went back to the Projects. Since Taylor Swift is friends with the actress who plays Tiana, Serayah McNeill, seeing the singer-songwriter in the show is not impossible. The idea of Swift belting out a song alongside Tiana and Cookie (Taraji Henson) will likely draw a lot of viewers.

Fox is yet to confirm a Season 4 for "Empire" yet as the series is known for amazing performances, many would surely be devastated to hear about the show's cancellation. So probably the inclusion of Taylor Swift in "Empire" would again boost the ratings of the show and make Fox announce another season soon.

Would you like to see Taylor Swift in the cast of "Empire" Season 4?

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