Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Did Not Celebrate Thanksgiving Together

The Suits actress Meghan Markle celebrated the Thanksgiving day with her family. On the other hand, Prince Harry was busy on his Caribbean Tour.

The couple celebrated holiday season thousands of miles apart according to E Online.  Meghan Markle snapped a photo of her dining table. The photo's caption says that she is giving away her gratitude and she is thankful for a lot of things.

She also thanked her parents for bringing her in this world. Markle also greeted everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from her and family.

On one hand, Prince Harry went to Caribbean in Nov. 20, 2016 and he is attending his official duties. During his stay in the Island, he already met with the local officials and schoolchildren. He also helped in the release of sea turtles back in the ocean. Prince Harry is set to his next destinations- St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The couple is currently on a long distance relationship with lack of cellphone reception because Prince Harry is travelling by ship. However, Browne said that he understands that the Royal Family will be adding a new member. But, Prince Harry did not mention anything about Meghan Markle on his West Indies trips.

Prince Harry has no phone and signal during his Caribbean trip according to Daily Mail.  A Royal fleet Auxiliary tanker ship is touring Prince Harry all throughout the islands of Caribbean and when the ship wave Knight is out at sea it loses its signal. 

Prince Harry spent 10 years being an Army Officer. He reminisced his time as a soldier while boarding the Wave Knight Ship. He is temporarily cut off from the outside world as well as with his girlfriend since the essential communication available is only a ship radio. The couple is still going strong despite of the attacks against Meghan Markle. Some people believe that distance cannot break their love for each other.

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