Nintendo Switch Release Date, News And Update: Motion Control Is A Confirmed Feature Of The New Game Console

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald November 27, 10:19 pm

Reports confirmed that Nintendo Switch has a special feature that everyone wouldn't expect, the motion control. The news about the feature was revealed by Nintendo company itself.

Gamestop CEO Paul Raines talked about the possibility of motion control system for the "Nintendo Switch" as per the IGN reported. Raines that having this motion control will keep the children engaged in playing the "Nintendo Switch."

It is obvious that Nintendo already used the motion control system on their previous console such as the Nintendo Wii. This feature wouldn't be surprising if it appears in the upcoming "Nintendo Switch" next year.

The motion control system is one of the features that everybody now expects to be added up in the upcoming Nintendo Switch early next year. Since the motion control was first seen in the Nintendo video game console, it is highly expected that the company would retain the feature in any upcoming Nintendo living room console since the motion control feature is their patent.

As well all know, the company haven't announced any official news about the upcoming "Nintendo Switch." However, the company has an upcoming event this coming January of 2017, it will be centered on the Nintendo Switch information, its price, release date, specs and all its features.

As per the UK Express, the said Nintendo event will be held in Tokyo Japan on January 13th. This would be a huge event for millions of fans are waiting for the Nintendo Switch release.

The same event will also launch in the United States on January 12th. Still, until today, no exact details about the location of all the Nintendo Switch event was announced.

Early this year, the internet brought us a lot of news and rumors about the "Nintendo Switch." It is more like of a guessing game since the "Nintendo Switch" was revealed to land the market early next year.

The "Nintendo Switch" is now confirmed to launch March 2017 as the Nintendo company said. The release date will officially announce this January on the "Nintendo Switch" event.

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