'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update: The Game's Biggest Patch Is A Hint Of Bigger Things To Come?

By Nathalie Fox, Parent Herald November 30, 04:50 am

Hello Games confirms that the game "No Man's Sky" will have a new update called Foundation Update. The latest update on the game is an attempt to lure players back to the game.

The Foundation Update will include base building according to Gamespot and it is set to launch this week. The name Foundation Update came from the "No Man's Sky" additional base building. It will also include a place to find new things to come. In the statement of Hello Games, the Foundation Update is the first step of "No Man's Sky" longer journey.  The developer is highly expecting that fans will join the journey of the game.

The action-adventure survival game has been facing a lot of complaints about its misleading advertisement. The subreddit of the game has been temporarily closed. However, executive Shawn Hayden of PlayStation states that "No Man's Sky" will make the dream of Hello Games come true. The developer is still trying its best to fix the issues. They are making updates that will come closer what it envisioned.  He also added that the game should not be stopped to reach its ambition. The developer should not be prohibited to create something better.

The new update is not their biggest update but it is something to start off after the controversies according to IGN.  On the log page of "No Man's Sky", it was posted that the developer has been working hard in developing the game. They have tested and certified the Foundation Update for several times. 

All the positive and negative feedbacks coming from the fans has been noted by Hello Games. After the incident of hacking on the official twitter account of the developer, it assures fans that its team is now focusing on improving the game. All the comments about the game will help the developer make things better on "No Man's Sky." 


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