Boosting The Immune System To Survive In The Toxic World

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 30, 08:29 am

As we grow older, our need for our immune system also increases. As the infections we can get can become fatal even though it is not. One example is Influenza, and it is rarely fatal but lethal when obtained by older people. That it causes the deaths of thousands of seniors every year.

And according to The Sudbury Star, there are 30 million estimated allergy sufferers in North America, majorly because of pollen, dust mites, and molds that can cause an inflammatory reaction in the body's airways. And some have life-threatening acute anaphylactic attacks.

The common threat to the immune system today is stress. According to an article of The Epoch's Time, stress causes the body to heal longer by 24%.

Another threat is exposure to radiation. Radiation would not go away unlike infections. And because of being attached to technology, the risk of acquiring radiation is high.

Our immune system is our only hope to battle against the different health hazards that keep on arising in our environment. But the fact that it is fighting 24/7 against parasites, microbes, and toxins just so our body would not decompose, and with the addition of these lethal threats from our surroundings, our immune system could just not fight them all.

North Americans suffer from the toxic inflammatory disease, as they are too exposed to the threats.

Fortunately, there is a natural way to boost the immunity system. According to again to The Sudbury Star, Dr. John Wilkinson, Senior Herbal Medicine Lecturer at Middlesex University, London, England, stated that plant sterols could be the key. And it is shown in studies that plant sterols reduces inflammation, which decreases the risks to cardiovascular diseases.

Plant sterols can be consumed from the unprocessed plant foods, but after processing them, we can only get the at most 10% of them. We can gain more plant sterols from eating more grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and seeds.

Exercising can also help in boosting the immune system as it stimulates the body's natural painkillers.

ImmunoCare is also available in Health Food Stores. A natural product that helps in restoring balance to the immune system.

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