British Columbia Designating A Representative For Children? Youth Strongly Favors A Federal Guardian For Kids

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 30, 09:35 pm

Youngsters are on the verge of spiraling down a social abyss. Children need proper guidance all the time and government officials reportedly have an obligation towards them, especially in legal matters.

British Columbia has appointed a new representative for children and youth. Bernard Richard is going to replace Mary Ellen, B.C' s first representative, who had served for ten years, The Globe and mail reported. Richard intends on pushing the government to appoint a national level advocate for children's cases, as legal assistance is present at provincial levels but no federal guardian is there to help.

The new representative has been an advocate for the children and the youth for many years. Richard observed that children are not concerned about jurisdiction, which is all the more reason to address the issues of immigrant children, Inuits and refugee children.

Officials are in favor of the idea but say that it demands a lot of work and persuasion. It is also yet to be seen how provincial governments react to the proposal.

Meanwhile, the Representative for Children and Youth website sheds light on Richard's life, experiences and accomplishments. Richard has been unanimously supported by the special committee and was appointed to the seat of Representative for Children and Youth for five years.

Richard is a lawyer, social worker and been a member of Brunswick legislative assembly for 12 years. He is also the sixth ombudsman of the New Brunswick and served a number of positions in the cabinet during his time in the legislative assembly. The new representative has received several awards for his noble work for children.

Furthermore, Richard has been an active member of many charitable organizations, to secure children rights and creating more opportunities for children from aborigines. The appointment of such a capable person as the Representative of Youth and Children is definitely going to help children in a lot of ways.

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