Arizona Children's Deaths: Why Numbers Of Children's Suicide And Deaths From Maltreatment Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Young minds are vulnerable. Nowadays, external factors could make teens question the quality of their lives and afterward, some of them find their life to be not worth living and the thought of killing their own selves enters their mind.

The number of kids who committed suicide in Arizona last year was shocking when 47 children reportedly ended their own lives while a total of 768 children's deaths was recorded, as per Arizona Child Fatality Review. And in the past seven years, there has been an alarming 81 percent increase in children suicides in the state.

AZ Central focuses on reasons why youngsters are committing suicides in Arizona. Children under 18 years of age comprise 74 percent of total suicides and most of them were of boys. The underlying reasons behind these suicides were drinking or drug addictions, family problems and parent's divorces.

Parents need to spend more time with their children, understand their problems and help them with their drug addiction. Physical and mental treatment should also be provided  by the parents. At the same time, schools have a responsibility to observe students' behaviors and help them in an effective manner.

Children are treated in a rather careless fashion in welfare. Studies showed that the increase in death rate occurred at the time when child welfare systems were under more focus of the authorities. Therefore, policymakers must attend to this issue and set a budget for behavioral and physical treatment of children.

Tuscon published a report on the issue in which half of the children's deaths in Arizona were regarded preventable. That's why the Department of Child Safety was under a lot of questioning as they could not provide assistance in terms of administration and resources while other private child cares were also accused of maltreatment of children.

Mary Rimsza, a spokesperson of the Arizona child fatality review program, stated that maltreatment is the biggest cause of deaths in Arizona. Parents' negligence led children to fatal incidents. Rimsza also added that the main culprit in such cases is substance abuse. It was concluded that whatever's being done is not enough and more efforts should be put into the matter.

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