Pedophile Trapping Techniques: Why The Online Realm Can Be A Dangerous Place For Children

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 30, 04:24 am

Internet was created for the benefits of man but as it turns out, evil always finds a way to mess things up. Unfortunately, the number of people who use the internet for criminal purposes is pretty high. Among those crimes, sexual abuse is the highest committed crime.

According to The Conversation, pedophiles spend a lot of time in designing the process called online grooming. Online grooming is a process in which an adult convince youngsters to have sex online or offline. The number of online grooming victims is terrifying.

The process is completed in three steps: access, approach and entrapment. Access and approach are easier and follows a quite similar pattern, complimenting and greeting generally. Researches have shown that language is the key element in pedophilic communications. They try to build a sense of trust and friendship with specific linguistics.

Entrapment, however, is more complicated as it requires information as to how willing they are, and how alone they feel and how much can they be manipulated. Although reports have shown that these cyber monsters are capable of persuading youngsters to every extent in just a few minutes talk.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of the victims were female but the danger remains equal for both boys and girls. Although it is not possible to save children from the threat entirely, nonetheless filtering system software can prevent children from such websites where grooming occurs.

Internet safety 101 provides assistance and guidance to save children from sexual predators. The organization educates on the matter in a detailed manner.

It also enlightens parents about what changes could occur in their children's behavior and how they could help them to avoid any mishap. The organization also provides the option of a helpline to report a cyber crime at any time of the day.

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