Student Activist Considers Children Protection Services Insufficient, Calls For More Efforts

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald November 30, 12:07 pm

Children are exposed to many dangers today on a global scale. Child care services and charitable organizations are putting a lot of efforts to secure children rights and provide maximum security to them but as it seems, the struggle hasn't bear any fruit yet.

The situation on child care protection has been deteriorating quite badly over the past few years. It has even caused panic among various global organizations such as UNICEF, among many others.

According to Daily Observer, a student at the University of Liberia called on world leaders to address the issue on child protection. At the 27th Anniversary of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Martin Kollie served as the principal speaker.

During his speech, Kollie stated that children are abused in social, economic and sexual ways and if there are inadequacies in efforts to prevent them, then it certainly defeats the purpose of such events. He also emphasized the importance of parents and society's contribution to eradicate the violence against children and women.

Kollie encouraged the audience at the event to participate in the cause and help children get the proper education. He asked the governments to allow and support organizations that are working privately for children rights and safety. He added that to this very day of UNCRC's 27 years completion, children are still suffering and facing difficulties in their lives.

In other related reports, Relief-Web shares the conditions of the children in the Philippines, which is the second highest populated country. Filipino children are facing severe threats after the typhoon Yolanda struck the archipelago in November 2013. Destruction of the infrastructure lead to children being homeless and separated from their parents.

The child protection system of the country is trying to recover the damage but resources and funds are limited. The number of children affected in the Philippines is quite high but UNICEF is trying to introduce new CP system in the country to ensure children safety.

Do you think the world is in need of more robust child protection services? Share your thoughts below.  

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